24, 30, 35, 36, 40, 54, 55 seater Bus Rental in Pune, Bus on Rent Pune

24, 30, 35, 36, 40, 54, 55 seater Bus Rental in Pune, Bus on Rent Pune. Established in 1999, as a Amruta Travels organization, Amruta Pune Bus is one of the most popular 24, 30, 35, 36, 40, 54, 55 50 Seater AC Bus Hire office working in Pune, Maharashtra, India. We offer 24 Seater AC Bus Hire, 30 Seater AC Bus Hire, 35 Seater AC Bus Rental, 36 Seater AC Bus Rental or any other Bus Rentals in Pune to the business and tourist traveller.

The offered services are broadly valued by our significant customers for problem free management, appropriate arranging, high dependability, and immaculate execution. Our experts cooperate with customers and give them the best arrangements in a savvy way. We have accomplished ability in understanding the necessities of the explorer and ceaselessly endeavoring to surpass the equivalent. Get in touch with us for further enquiries.

The most comfortable and secure option for road travel is Bus. Best 24 Seater AC Bus Hire in Pune as well as 30, 35, 36, 40, 54, 55 50 Seater AC Bus in Pune gives a touch of security where you and your accomplice can have a similar seat and talk giving you protection as far as sharing musings and getting a charge out of all of outing with your preferred individual. Buses are generally favored for long-distance travel as they furnish abundant space to sit easily with clearances for everybody.

Rent a 24-Seater AC Bus

Welcome to Amruta Bus Pune, your trusted partner for comfortable and reliable 24-seater AC bus rentals planning a corporate function, a family excursion, or any group outing? Our meticulously maintained fleet of spacious 24-seater AC buses is poised to meet your transportation requirements with utmost reliability.



Air Conditioning

Enjoy a cool and pleasant journey with efficient air conditioning.


Spacious Seating

Comfortable arrangements offer ample room for every passenger.


Reclining Seats

Relax with adjustable seats for a personalized, comfortable experience.


Luggage Compartments

Generous storage for belongings without compromising space.


Experienced Driver

A skilled driver ensures a safe and smooth journey for passenger confidence.


Entertainment Systems (Optional)

Some buses feature audio and video options for an enjoyable trip.


Wi-Fi (Optional)

Stay connected with optional Wi-Fi services during the journey.


Charging Outlets

Keep devices powered with onboard charging outlets.


Clean Interior

A well-maintained and clean interior enhances the overall travel experience.

Why Choose 24-Seater AC Bus Rent


Spacious and Relaxing

Bid farewell to cramped legroom and crowded spaces. 24-seater Ac buses provide ample room for everyone to unwind and savor the journey. Plush seating, reclining options, and generous luggage compartments ensure a hassle-free trip.


Climate-Controlled Comfort

Escape the heat with robust air conditioning that maintains a cool and comfortable environment, even during scorching days. Say goodbye to struggling with open windows or sticky summer air.


Safety Takes Priority

With skilled drivers and well-maintained vehicles, you can have peace of mind knowing you're in capable hands. Many rental companies offer additional safety features such as seatbelts, GPS tracking, and first-aid kits for added reassurance.


Cost-Effective Travel

Sharing the rental cost among a group makes bus rentals surprisingly affordable. In comparison to renting multiple cars, a bus proves to be a budget-friendly option, especially for longer journeys.


Convenience and Elegance

Eliminate the hassle of coordinating multiple vehicles and navigating unfamiliar routes. Your driver manages the driving, allowing you to lean back, unwind, and take in the surroundings. Moreover, makes a stylish entrance and leaves a lasting impression with a sleek and contemporary bus.

30-Seater Bus Rent In Pune

Whether you're in search of budget or luxury 30-seater bus rentals from Pune, look no further! At Amruta Bus Pune, a part of Amruta Bus Pune, we offer A/C 30-seater buses with professional drivers.

We are over Many years, giving travel and the travel industry benefits in Pune, India and we can comprehend the essential necessity of a customer to live up to their desires. Customer may look luxury travels and some may look reasonable, non-extravagance and spending travel, we will hear our client prerequisites unmistakably then we will recommend our thoughts, which fulfill them. Our services has both spending plan 32 Seater Bus (Non-A/C) and extravagance luxury 35 Seat Bus/Coach Service, which is accessible for least expensive rate in the market from Amruta Pune Bus.

Our experienced driver takes you on a safe and comfortable journey throughout the trip. Our driver and ground staffs are all around qualified and prepared to give the best services.

Key Features


Exclusive Bus Travels

Experience exclusive bus rentals and hire services at Amruta Bus Pune.


Pocket-Friendly Prices

Book your 30-seater bus for the day at reasonable and budget-friendly prices.


Memorable Journeys

Make every journey a memorable one with our well-maintained and comfortable buses.

Perfect for Every Occasion


Group Trips

Ideal for any group trip with 30 members or more, offering both luxury and affordability.


Weddings and Events

Amruta Bus Pune is highly sought after for bus bookings for weddings, especially in the Majestic area, and for outstation events.

Budget Travel with Amruta Bus Pune:

With over a decade of experience in providing travel and tourism services in Pune, we understand diverse customer needs. Whether you seek luxury travel or affordable, non-luxury, and budget-friendly options, Amruta Bus Pune has you covered. Our experienced drivers ensure a safe and comfortable journey, making your travel experience with us exceptional. Our drivers and ground personnel are highly qualified and trained to provide top-notch service, guaranteeing your satisfaction on each journey. Choose Amruta Bus Pune for reliable, comfortable, and budget-friendly 30-seater bus rentals. Book your bus with us and embark on a journey that exceeds your expectations.