Ac 50 Seater Bus Sleeper on Rent

Ac 50 Seater Bus Sleeper on Rent

Ac 50 Seater Bus Sleeper on Rent

Planning a Big Group Trip? Experience Luxury Travel with Our AC 50-seater Sleeper Bus. Organizing a large group excursion, but want unparalleled comfort and convenience? Yes, you are in the perfect place, we Amruta Pune Bus rent 50 seater bus A/C with the driver. Say goodbye to cramped airplane seats and crowded trains! Ultimate Comfort Travel offers the perfect solution - our luxurious AC 50-seater sleeper bus.

Amruta Pune Bus offers 50 high-quality 50-seater buses for outstation journeys from Pune to Mumbai and Many More at exceptionally affordable rates. All our 50-seater buses are maintained to the highest standards, ensuring hygiene and excellence. Equipped with modern amenities like a sound system, charger, and ABS brake system, these buses provide a comfortable and safe travel experience. With a seating capacity of 50 passengers plus 1 driver and a convenient luggage carrier on top, we prioritize both your comfort and convenience.

Why need to hire AC 50 seater bus Sleeper

Experience ultimate travel comfort with our AC 50-Seater Bus Sleeper


Spacious Sleeper Configuration

1.Each seat transforms into a cozy bunk for a relaxing journey. Make your travel a memorable part of the entire experience, not just a means to reach your destination.


State-of-the-Art Air Conditioning

Beat the heat with our cutting-edge AC system. Powerful units maintain a cool and comfortable environment for refreshing journeys in any climate.


Entertainment and Connectivity

Enjoy onboard entertainment with audio-visual systems. Stay connected using Wi-Fi services, making your travel experience enjoyable and productive.


Ample Luggage Space

Spacious luggage compartments ensure convenience for large groups. Say goodbye to cramped spaces – travel with ease and comfort.


Professional and Experienced Drivers

Skilled and experienced drivers prioritize passenger safety. Relax and let our experts handle the journey with top-notch expertise.

Budget travel

Embark on a wallet-friendly journey with Amruta Pune Bus, where affordability meets quality service. Our commitment to providing cost-effective solutions ensures that you can explore various travel options without straining your budget. Tailored to meet your financial constraints, our economical packages promise a seamless blend of affordability and comfort. Amruta Pune Bus believes in making travel accessible without breaking the bank, offering you the convenience of budget-friendly trips.

Transparency in pricing is our priority, ensuring you have a clear understanding of the costs associated with your travel plans. With customizable options that align with your budgetary preferences, you can shape your travel experience to suit your financial needs. Despite the budget-friendly nature, we maintain a standard of reliable and quality service, making your budget travel with Amruta Pune Bus both seamless and enjoyable.

Access our budget-friendly solutions across a range of flexible routes, providing you with convenience tailored to your specific travel requirements. Our customer-focused approach aims to provide value for your money, making budget travel with Amruta Pune Bus a satisfying and smart choice for your journeys.


1What amenities are provided on the bus?

Our buses feature modern amenities such as a sound system, charger ports, and an ABS brake system for a convenient and safe travel experience.

2 Is the air conditioning system effective in all climates?

Certainly, the buses come equipped with an advanced air conditioning system, guaranteeing a pleasant and cool environment irrespective of the external temperature.

3Are there entertainment options onboard?

Yes, our AC 50-seater Bus Sleeper comes with audio-visual systems to keep passengers entertained throughout the journey.

4 How much luggage space is available?

The buses feature spacious luggage compartments to accommodate the belongings of large groups comfortably.

5 Are there flexible rental options available?

Yes, we offer flexible rental options tailored to suit your specific travel itinerary, ensuring a convenient and stress-free journey.

6 Can I book the bus for various occasions?

Certainly! Our AC 50-seater Bus Sleeper is suitable for corporate events, family reunions, group vacations, and various other occasions. Don't hesitate to contact us for a discussion about your specific needs and requirements.